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MEMORANDUM FOR: US Army Cadets of Valhalla 01NY1A, Parents/Guardians
FROM: OC Tummolo
SUBJECT: FTX /Goals 2010
DATE: 13 DEC 2009

Hope all are well and recovering from FTX 11-13 Dec 2009. To the recruits and cadets who attended FTX, it was challenging due cold weather conditions, you adjusted and worked well as a team Hooah!
As this year is coming to the end, I commend you for your professional participation at Annual Training,drills,ftx and community events. It is my honor as the Acting OIC of US Army Cadets of Valhalla to be able to continue lead and inspire our cadets for yet another year ahead. My goal for next year will continue to center on the former commander Lt. Lankford's five key areas:
1-Unit growth, we now have 12 cadets we started out with 8 at the beginning of the year, I hope we double that number by December of 2010.
2-Unit location-I have been in contact with Lt Lankford and we discussed his past concerns about the 69th at Lexington Ave NY. Although the 69th would like to be a host for our unit and assist us once a month, we need the Governor's approval, I am hopeful that this can be arranged.
3-Participation in Brigade level events as well as Annual Training Jun- Jul 2010. I would like to see all of our cadets and recruits participate in these events.
4-Increased local exposure to Army career fields by our cadets and recruits. I would like for us to train more with local Army,Guard,and Reserve soldiers in ways that allow our cadets to experience the Army lifestyle up close.
5-Increase the amount of outdoor activities and physical fitness training that we normally offer.

With the help of my leadership team, I hope to begin tackling these goals immediately.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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Thank you for your support.

Very Respectfully,

Margie Tummolo
Acting OIC, Army Cadets of Valhalla
Comm: 914-860-6161

"Hardcore or out the door"!

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